The First Choice for Tattoos in Phuket and soon in Stockholm

We founded Chalong Ink in 2013 with one mission, to bring creativity and artistic quality to the tattoo scene and to be the most sought after tattoo studio in all of Phuket and Thailand.

​Seven years later, through hard work, determination and dedication we are the most trusted shop on Soi-Taied and the "number one" tattoo studio in Phuket with many "first place" prizes from tattoo conventions all around Thailand and across Asia. Slowly being recognised as the THE place to get ink. 

Our artists are second to none, constantly evolving and bringing new levels of skill to the game.

Our shop has become a second home with most clients coming back time and time again. On peoples request we are launching our second tattoo studiio, this one in Stockholm. 

​Come and be part of the Chalong Ink family.

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