• Before entering our Tattoo Parlor you have to remove your shoes and sanitize your hands.

  • Artists wash/sanitize hands at the beginning, the end and whenever there is a break during the tattoo session.

  • Artists wear new disposable sterile gloves whenever they are working with a customer.

  • We have new needles and new razors which are disposed of at the end of each tattoo session.

  • The artist always opens sealed, sterile packets of equipment so the customer can see.

  • The preparation equipment (spatulas, stencils) are used once only.

  • The artist cleans and disinfects your skin thoroughly before tattooing.

  • Transfers, cleaning solutions, creams are all single use only and inks are in new small sterile pots and never returned into stock. We discard any leftovers.

  • The work area is cleaned thoroughly between clients.

At Chalong Ink, we apply

Internationally recognized 

hygiene levels.

Tad-iad road, Chalong, Phuket, Thailand

(+66)  06 2791 7699

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