At Chalong Ink we take all precautions and care across our studio to ensure both clients and staff are in a clean and comfortable environment.

We take pride in the cleanliness of all our studio. Our studio is rigorously cleaned daily as well as between each client with a medical grade sanitising spray. We do not take shortcuts when it comes to the cleanliness of our studio and we abide by the HIGHEST safety standards.

Our staff take the time to make sure all clients feel safe and comfortable within our studios and with our cleanliness standards.

  • Before entering our Tattoo Parlour you have to remove your shoes.

  • Artists wash/sanitise hands at the beginning, the end and whenever there is a break during the tattoo session.

  • Artists wear new disposable sterile gloves whenever they are working with a customer.

  • We have new needles and new razors which are disposed of at the end of each tattoo session.

  • The artist always opens sealed, sterile packets of equipment so the customer can see.

  • The preparation equipment (spatulas, stencils) are used once only.

  • The artist cleans and disinfects your skin thoroughly before tattooing.

  • Transfers, cleaning solutions, creams are all single use only and inks are in new small sterile pots and never returned into stock. We discard any leftovers.

  • The work area is cleaned thoroughly between clients.

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