Whether you need a refresher or if you are new to getting a tattoo, this guide will be helpful. Here is a list of important things you have to do before getting a tattoo.

Make sure to talk to your artist about certain medical conditions that may affect the process or your healing. If you have any sort of allergies to pigments, let your artist know. There are certain conditions that might require you to bring a doctor’s note or approval. Make sure to discuss this with your artist before you make any appointments.

Hydrating yourself properly will improve your skin’s elasticity – making it a whole lot easier for your artist to apply the tattoo. This can also drastically help your healing process.

Do not drink caffeinated drinks 24 hours before your tattoo session. It can thin your blood, and may make you bleed more. It can also make you very finicky, making it difficult for you to sit still.

Do not drink alcohol at least 24 hours before your session. Artists are not allowed to tattoo anyone who is under the influence of drugs and alcohol – they can turn you away if they suspect you have had even just a bottle of beer. Coming in to the studio with a hangover can sabotage your healing process and can thin your blood out.

Coming in with a full stomach can help you relax. Depending on the duration of the session, you might want to consider bringing in snacks with you – just make sure to bring snacks that are easy to munch. Your artist will also thank you for choosing a snack that doesn’t make a mess.

Make sure to arrive at the studio on time. Give enough leeway to make yourself comfortable.

Do not come in to the tattoo studio without having a shower. A tattoo artist has to sit close to you for a good amount of time and has the right to refuse working on anyone who is not fresh and clean.


Although tattoos made with Bamboo technique are known for healing faster and with less fuss, we recommend that you apply these same tattoo after care recomendations for all tattoos, no matter machine or bamboo made.

Remove the plastic 1 hour after your tattoo procedure then wash the tattoo with clean water (no soap).

Do not re-wrap your new tattoo. It needs to breath.

You can shower one hour after your tattoo is done, however no swimming, soaking in spa/baths or sitting in saunas until the tattoo has completely healed. Pat the tattoo dry, do not rub it.

Do not apply any aftercare balm for three days after your tattoo is done. Thailand's humidity is to high to use tattoo balm immediately as you normally would do in some other countries. If you do, you risk the chance of an infection.​

After 3 days you may apply a very small amount of aftercare balm twice a day, just enough to soften the skin not so it's wet and sticky. Tattoos need oxygen to heal, too much aftercare balm won't allow the tattoo to breathe, use a small amount.

Your tattoo will scab, peel, flake and itch. Do not pick or scratch your new body art, this is part of the natural healing process.

If small pimples/ingrown hairs appear you are using to much after care balm, stop the balm and allow the tattoo to dry out.

Protect your tattoo from the sun, the UV rays will cause damage to your tattoo.

We offer touching up on your tattoo if it fades or ink drops out during the healing process.

If you have any questions or feedback feel free to contact us.

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